Our Services

What we offer

We provide and promote peace, security and defence research, analysis, dialogue and horizon scanning on contemporary national and global security questions.

We provide high impact policy solutions and prompt proactive, rather than reactive, policy and operational actions.

We facilitate prepositioning through forecast and foresight with horizon scanning and strategic foresight mechanisms addressing technological, geopolitical and economic trends.

We enhance the skills pipeline by providing opportunities for young scholars and analysts from the fields of international relations, security, crime, law, military affairs, strategic studies, intelligence, and science.

We engage with local and international governmental and non-governmental stakeholders to produce the highest quality of actionable recommendations that enhance national and collective security.

We shape regulatory frameworks to support new policy and security developments.

We provide policy insights to inform science and technology development.

We provide a platform for senior talent and global influencers.

We raise awareness, provide education resources and stimulate discussion on peace and security.

We will partner with leading universities and key academics.

We incorporate agility into our structures by creating a nimble and collaborative working structure to foster cutting edge and cross-sectoral ideas.

1st Sarajevo Security Conference